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… walk away from it.

At least for little while.

Then the answer becomes clear.

Pushing for answers doesn’t bring them quicker, it just highlights the questions.

You get what you focus on and if you’re obsessively focusing on the uncertainty, it creates more uncertainty. Clarity can only be found in a clear space and a clear space can only be found when all inquiries cease.

The best way to find clarity and to make decisions is to align with yourself get out of your head and into your heart. Stop mentally projecting outside of yourself for answers and ask yourself how you feel in every experience.

Life speaks to you through your experiences. Don’t focus on finding the answers. Live your life. It has every answer you will ever need. 

Overthinking creates mental clutter. Living your life and feeling your way through your life brings solutions. With every experience you evolve and you intuitively learn where you need to be. Answers can never be artificially found outside of you, they have to be found inside you. If you can’t solve it, walk away from it and the answers will become clear.

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