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Feeling Stuck… Change it up.

Explore MORE. Do MORE. Experience MORE.

Or risk staying in the same place forever.

Change doesn’t happen by standing still. Nothing ever changes in your life until you invite the powers of change in.

Everything is energy and when we repeat the same patterns of behavior that make us feel stuck and bound, we cement that energy around us. In other words, repetition is binding. By engaging in the same behavior over and over again, we create walls around us that keep us trapped in the unhappy place we’ve created for ourselves. It makes it impossible for any degree of change to reach us.

Change requires “flexible” energy – doing new things, experiencing new situations and exploring new sides to ourselves. This flexible energy has the ability to “poke holes” in the walls of stagnancy around us and bring about change.

So if you are feeling stuck, get out of your rut. Change up your routine. Do something new – anything new. Do even just one small thing differently and let that fresh energy begin to chip away at the walls that bind you.

Complacency breeds stagnancy and stagnancy cannot exist in a world where change reigns. You may not know how to get out of feeling stuck, but you can make small changes to your life and routine and those small changes have the power to break the chains that bind you.

If you are feeling stuck, change it up. Don’t let fear keep you complacent. You don’t have to have all the answers, you just have to make one small change and the universe will conspire with you to help break the chains that bind you. Anytime you are ready to be free, the rest of your life is ready to begin.

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