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Letting_Go_by_TheMadScientist… until it has taught you what you need to know.

People and situations come in and out of our lives to teach us something. It is a part of life. The true learning comes from recognizing that if someone or something has left your life, it is because it was time for it to do so. Once we learn the lessons we move on to a much higher playing field (happier, more abundant, etc..)

Trouble begins when we are reluctant to let go of what we know is not serving us (toxic job, relationship, etc..). It is up to you to recognize when a person or situation has outlived its purpose and let it go. You know you are holding on too long when the situation becomes uncompromising, frustrating and you are beating your head on a wall over and over again with no new result. You can hold onto that old lesson but doing so will assure you of reliving that lesson over and over again. But we rarely acknowledge this pattern in ourselves. Instead we prefer to hold on and hope the situation will change in our favor but it never does.

What’s worse with holding on to old lessons is that you can only hold onto them for so long before they get ripped away from you and you are you left with nothing but a sense of loss and abandonment. The universe will eventually clear the decks and take away what you were not strong enough to do yourself.

Why keep yourself back? Recognize when you get the lesson and be strong enough to extract yourself from the negative pattern. Invite change and new life in. You cannot hold onto your “accomplishments” forever, eventually it is time to evolve them and encourage yourself to grow past them. This is how we grow. You cannot lose what is real for you, if it leaves your life, it is because you are meant to grow beyond it.  

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