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images… it isn’t meant to be happening right now.

It’s as simple as that.

Everything happens in its own time here on planet Earth. Just because you want something to come together now, doesn’t mean it will.

Your pushing for it to come together before its time only creates obstacles and frustration. If it was meant to be in your life right now, it would be working out. The fact that it isn’t working out for you as quickly as you would like it too is your indication that it is not yet ready to be in your life.

All the forceful pushing and prodding for it to manifest will not manifest it any quicker. In fact, it will only create problems for you. The universe is your own built-in buffer system. It keeps what is not ready for you at bay until it is at a place where you can dance with it.

If it is meant to be in your life, it comes together quite naturally with an ease that only the universal flow can bring. But if it is not yet ready to be in your life, it will not come together with great ease, there will be hardships, obstacles and delays. This is your indication to take a step back from the situation and release your grip.

In actuality you do not want to force your will on yourself. You do not want something that is not at your level. Take back your energy and put that energy into something else. When it is time for that situation to manifest in your life, it will come together and if it doesn’t, it was never going to.

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