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cryinggirlwallpaper6… it WOULDN’T be happening.

You’re never dealt a hand you are NOT able to play.

Your life exists in perfect orchestration. All situations that show up, show up for a reason. They show up because they need to be worked through. They show up because there is a key lesson in it for you. They show up to make you BETTER.

Don’t avoid them. Don’t lament them. Don’t get angered by those situations. Just put your head down and get through them the best way you know how. Trust the process of your life — if it wasn’t meant to be happening, it wouldn’t be happening. It’s NOT up to you to fight against what is happening, it is up to you to move through the experience and positively transform it.

When something is challenging you or frustrating you, HAVE AT IT. Don’t run away from it. Accept its presence, stand up to it, and allow it’s wisdom to wash over you. Don’t make it harder then it has to be. Don’t focus on the drama of the situation, focus on your ability to transform it. Before you know it, you will have learned what you needed to learn and a new and improved situation will very quickly show up in replacement. What are you waiting for?

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