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If it upsets you, put it down.

Seems like common sense, right? But we tend to do the opposite.

We love to harbor negative thoughts and feelings and dwell on them until they become BIGGER than life. It’s human nature to obsess over what is not working/not making us happy. But that strategy never changes your situation. The only strategy that changes your situation is learning to change your focus.

What you focus on EXPANDS. So if you focus on happy thoughts, you increase happiness around you. But if you’re focused on negative thoughts, you perpetuate negative situations.

The way you FEEL is everything, because it determines your next experience.

Like attracts like. If you want happiness, you have to FIRST FEEL HAPPY, then you can attract happier situations/people into your life. If you focus on negativity, you’ll only get MORE of it.

If you don’t take responsibility for managing your emotions, they’ll run away with you, and you’ll always be at the mercy of whatever is happening around you. You’ll never find happiness there. Don’t wait for something outside of you to make you happy, find a reason to be happy within yourself and then watch the magic happen.

If it makes you happy, pick it up and put your focus on it; if it doesn’t, put it down, you don’t need it. Focusing on it will NOT make you happier.

Focus on HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL and your life will bring you more of the same. Aren’t you ready to be happy?

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