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… it’s in learning what that person came to teach you. 

But no one ever teaches us that.

Why do we make it all about the other person? It doesn’t matter what that person does to you or what that person says to you/doesn’t say to you — however unpleasant the circumstances may be. It only matters what you learn from that person and how you make your life BETTER because of them.

We tend to get caught up in the drama-trauma zone of our lives and we become the victims of what others do/say to us. But it can never be about them. Our lives are ABOUT US and if those people are in our lives, we should only be interested in the affect their presence has over us. 

When we learn that no one has control over our lives unless we give it, everything shifts for us. 

Remember in life, it’s never about a person, they are just the relationship villain in place to teach you something about yourself. It’s about what you take away from that person that makes all the difference in the world. Get the lesson and get out; make your life better because they were in it. 

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