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…. it’s something you CREATE for yourself.

We’re so conditioned to expect something OUTSIDE of us to make us happy, but WAITING for something to make you happy will NEVER MAKE YOU HAPPY because happiness isn’t something you get, it’s something you create for yourself. It’s A STATE OF MIND which you, yourself, cultivate and once internally cultivated, it has the power to transform you.

You always have a choice as to the emotion you are experiencing. EMOTIONS ARE BORN OUT OF YOUR THOUGHTS. If you’re focusing on thoughts that support despair or negativity, you’re fostering unhappiness. But if you focus on thoughts that inspire you, YOU’LL NATURALLY CREATE A STATE OF HAPPINESS WITHIN. In other words, you’ll soon feel better because you’ve influenced your mind to do so.

Your thoughts dictate whether or not you’ll experience happiness. If you’re thinking a thought that is NOT making you happy, CHANGE IT until it does. And if it’s impossible to alter that thought, then shut it down and replace it with a thought that feels better to you. By creating a happier state of mind, the world relates to you differently — remember when you’re happy, the world smiles with you and when you’re sad, you cry alone. 

Happiness is your birthright. But you have to first learn to cultivate it from within. If you’re still waiting for external events outside of you to make you happy, you’ll be waiting an eternity. Don’t give your power over to any person or situation for your happiness. Take control of your thoughts and shift your emotions. When you learn to find ANY reason to be happy — you’ll have EVERY reason to be happy. 

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Happiness_Here_70_Feature_Image-639x373… is the magic elixir of life.

In our society, we understand the importance of working hard to make the money but we seldom understand the importance of creating the space in our lives to enjoy what that money can afford us. 

It is so often that we work so hard to make a living that we forget our lives. We put ourselves in such time impoverished positions that we can feel our lives being sucked away from us minute by minute. Busying yourself to make the money yields you little to no reward.  We think money is its own reward, but we are wrong. Happiness is its own reward and it cannot be found if we are too busy to open up to it.

Happiness is not something that you earn or that you are “lucky enough to come across.” Happiness doesn’t just happen to you, it is cultivated from within. But you will never be able to experience true happiness if you do not slow down and create small moments to enjoy your life. 

You can make all the money in the world, but if you have no time to enjoy it, it doesn’t serve you. Finding the balance between work and self-joy is the key. When you can allocate enough time in your life to enjoy the money you have earned, it is as if you are giving thanks to the universe and showing gratitude for the abundance in your life. Abundance always draws more abundance to you. But if you are exhausted and feeling time impoverished, you will continue to feel as if you are chasing your tail. And where there is no self-joy, there will never be true abundance. We need to create real space in our busy lives for happiness to enter.

If you truly want to be happy, find the space in your life to ENJOY your life, to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. Otherwise your life will always just be about the labor. The money will always follow. Self-joy is what will attract true abundance – not working endless hours in an office. Once you carve out the space for happiness to enter, the people, the relationships, the joy will all return to your life. They cannot live in a world where there is no space for them. Everything is energy and where there is no space, there will never be happiness.

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