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How people treat you… is about THEM and where they are in their life.

It’s NOT about you.

How you REACT is about YOU.

The way people treat you is more a reflection of who they are and where they are in their life at that moment, then it’s ever about you. But we tend to make it about us. 

You can never control how someone treats you, but you can always control how you react to them and that’s your only job.

As long as you are accepting responsibility for your life and your actions and you are consciously showing up as the best version of yourself everyday, then you’re being YOUR BEST YOU and no one can ask more of you.

How people treat you says more about where they are in their own level of consciousness and that is a playing field that you do not have to play in. Stay in your own field. Own your own behaviors, strive to be the best YOU everyday and if it isn’t good enough for someone else, realize that it’s most likely because they aren’t feeling good enough about themselves.

Stay in your own playing field. How people treat you is NEVER about you, it’s always about them. Let them learn to manage their own playing field and more importantly, keep them out of yours.

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