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th-2… doesn’t make it right for you.

Or even make it better for that matter.

It just makes you tired of holding it.

Sometimes we think that if we hold on tighter to what is NOT working, it will all of a sudden become more of what we want. But it doesn’t work that way.

The longer you hold onto what is NOT working, the harder it gets to disassociate from it. And the longer you hold onto what is NOT working, the harder it gets to open up to something healthier and more fulfilling.

Obstacles are clear indicators that it might be time to let go of what you are holding onto. If it is getting harder and harder to hold onto what you are clutching in your fists, it might be time to relinquish your control over it. Holding onto it longer doesn’t make it better for you or even make it right, it just exhausts you and takes energy away from your ability find something much better.

It’s exhausting to hold on to something longer than you should. When you feel depleted and realize that what you are holding onto is not changing, offer it up to the universe to transform it appropriately. After all, if it is not working for you, there is always a reason why and perhaps a reason why you are unwilling to see it.

So, if you are holding on longer than you should, be brave and let it go. Give your knuckles a rest and open up your palms to receive something healthier and happier. It’s ALWAYS there for you whenever you are ready to release your grip. The rest of your life is waiting for you to let go of what isn’t working. Haven’t you carried it long enough?

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