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… allows you to shed more light on the darkness.

Our planet has been going through some huge shifts in consciousness. We’ve been bombarded by higher dimensional light the last couple years and every human being processes that light very differently.

For those who have been on a conscious path of personal growth/spiritual evolution, that light comes in and immediately throws up any “lower dimensional patterning,” a.k.a. shadow work. The light shines light on the darkness and shows you what work still needs to be done.

If you are awake, you are continually purging your shadows and releasing negative emotions, karmic patterns, and addressing your life lessons. If you are NOT awake and conscious, you are getting agitated by that light and blaming others for your own shortcomings or perceived victimization.

Light is consciousness. Light is information. There is no hiding from the light. The light will show you who you really are and it is up to you what you do with it.

How have you used that light? Have you used it to shine the light on your own darkness so it can be brought to the surface and healed? Or have you used it to make others wrong and shine a false light onto a collective wound that espouses hate?

Newsflash, you cannot heal the collective until you have first healed your own ego-wounds, otherwise you will just project your own ego-distortion out into the collective and blame others for it’s presence.

The collective of humanity is a holographic projection of individual human souls. So in order to heal the collective wound of hate, we have to first shine the light on our own lack of self-love and lack of self-worth. It’s easier to blame others than it is to look in the mirror. But healing our own reflection is the only way we will ever heal the social trauma of humanity.

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