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… who are you vibing with?

Everything is energy. Like attracts like. Nothing and no one ever shows up outside of us that doesn’t match where we are within ourselves.

The energy you are putting out into the world is constantly attracting people and situations who match that vibration. So if you’re feeling happy and positive, you’ll notice that the world outside you seems hopeful and exciting and if you’re feeling sad and negative, the world outside you tends to feel a bit more challenging and bleak.

You are creating that. It’s NOT happening TO YOU. 

You’re never a victim of your life. You’re always in control of it. Your experiences are just a reflection of your inner state of being. Do you want your life to look better? Start cultivating better feeling thoughts about it. You can’t get to a better life by focusing on what’s wrong with this one. But we do it everyday. We complain and whine about the injustices around us and wonder why they only get worse.

Your vibe attracts your tribe. It attracts the people and situations that make up your life. If you’re unhappy with your life, your life will never make you happy. Find a reason to be happy with your life, and it’ll give you every reason to be happy. 

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