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… you’re not healed.

Even if you think you are.

We only know who we are in relationship to another person, so our relationships are our greatest acid test for the consciousness we are holding.

If someone is able to trigger you into an emotional response, you are not resolved within yourself. Everyone has their own buttons, but if you allow someone else to push those buttons and it creates a reactance of anger and hate within you, that work is on YOU. Don’t spend your energy hating on that person for triggering you, ask yourself why you got triggered? Why does that person make you angry? What about them is triggering for you? That is what needs to be looked at. Blaming them for your anger is misdirected energy and it only keeps you stuck in your own unconscious and distorted mindset.

Hate and anger is a dead give-away for a soul who is still unhealed. A conscious and healed being doesn’t need to react with hate and anger, they’re able to tap into the higher realms of compassion and empathy for those for whom they may disagree with.

Hate is too heavy a burden to carry. If you hold hate for anyone in your life, you’ll never be free. You will forever be bound to that person because you were unable to resolve the hatred you hold in your heart. And that hatred is a venom that will only poison your soul. Life is too short to be buried under your own hate. The opportunity is now to find your own healing so your healing can inspire the healing of our planet. Are you ready to heal?

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