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images-3… otherwise you will repeat them.

We all have patterns, we are just not acutely aware of them. In fact, we spend our lifetimes going through the same patterns over and over again. It’s called sleepwalking our way through our lives. We keep hitting our head on the walls over and over again wondering “why things like this keep happening to us?” We feel victimized by the pattern instead of empowered and awakened to make necessary change.

What is a pattern you might ask? Any obstacle, hardship or adverse encounter that continually shows up in our lives signifies a pattern. Clearly the pattern continues in our lives until it’s addressed. Our patterns show up everywhere in our lives – at work, at home, in our relationships with lovers, colleagues, family, friends and strangers. Patterns are highlighted over and over in our lives until we work through them. If we do not catch the pattern, it will undoubtedly repeat again, but with a new situation and a new cast of characters.

Your work is to wake up to the patterns, catch them and heal them so that you can be freed of them. Once you wake up and apply a certain degree of conscious awareness to your life, your life changes. Patterns are meant to be addressed and worked through, not experienced over and over again.

The next time you find yourself in a tough spot, stop and ask yourself if there is a pattern here that you are not seeing. Has something similar happened before? Once you catch the pattern, you can choose to show up differently and make a new decision that will change your outcome. As long as you stay stuck repeating negative patterns of behavior, you keep yourself back in life. Patterns keep you stuck. Healing the patterns set you free. Where do you want to be?


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