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… you don’t understand it.

A reaction is an emotional response to some stimuli or trigger. If you become triggered, that trigger is yours. But when we lack consciousness, we immediately blame another for triggering us; we think it’s their fault.

We all come to this planet with certain life lessons (a.k.a. certain buttons to be pressed which help to bring up our issues). It’s your dance partner’s (lover, sibling, friend, boss, etc..) job to push those buttons so that your shadows can surface and you can identify your work and begin processing it.

Getting triggered is a gift if you are awake and conscious. It can be a living hell if you’re projecting it out onto another. If you feel the need to react with heated emotions, you have not allowed yourself to process the trigger properly. You’ve avoided doing the personal process work and conveniently chosen to project your failures onto another.

Are you easily triggered/angered these days? It’s no one else’s fault. There’s nothing to take offense to. The work lies within yourself. Whenever you feel justified in angrily blaming another, recognize that it is YOU who needs to look in the mirror.

If you’re reacting to it, you don’t understand it. Go deeply within yourself and ask yourself why you are so upset? What are you really reacting to?

Where there is consciousness, there can be healing. When you truly understand a comment and where it’s coming from, there’s no need to react to it. There is only space for calm discourse.

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