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… but not always for the reasons you think.

If someone is standing right in front of you, they are there for a reason. That relationship has something to teach you or contribute to you. But it may not be what you are expecting or hoping for. 

We tend to label relationships before we understand their purpose in our lives.

Not every relationship is meant to be in your life forever, but it is meant to be in your life for a purpose. 

For example…

Not every love relationship leads to marriage. Some guarantee heartache so you can learn what real love doesn’t look like.

Not every business partnership leads to success. Some ensure failure so you’ll understand how to become successful on your own.

Not every friendship leads to lifetime loyalty. Some encourage betrayal so you’ll learn to trust yourself and rely on your own inner power.

Not every employee respects your power. Some challenge it so you can learn to step fully into that power and own it.

Not every team player supports your team’s initiatives. Some push back on them so you can learn to evolve those initiatives in a stronger way.

Relationships may not always give you what you want; but they’ll always give you what they came to give.

Every relationship is purposeful; your only job is to identify the purpose and let it off the hook for everything else. 

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… casts you onto their stage.

And you don’t need to be on their stage.

Everyone has a story and drama queens’ stories tend to be intense, erratic and exhausting. They’re needing a different type of connection to you which they’re currently not getting, so they create a type of drama in order to elicit it from you.

Sometimes they create drama in romantic relationships as a means of getting your attention if they are feeling a lack of connection/emotion/communication, etc..

Sometimes they create drama at work or other situations as a means of distraction away from something they do NOT want YOU to see or a distraction away from something THEY do NOT want to see. Sometimes they do it to distract themselves away from doing their own personal work.

And sometimes they create drama just so that they can feel some type of aliveness energy. They tend to be very passionate people who need to feel and if the situation isn’t giving them a rush, they might create some type of drama so that they can feel some sort of exhilaration.

But regardless, drama queens own their stage and you don’t need to be on it. Life is too short to be living out someone else’s drama. Recognize when the drama is starting and learn to exit stage left as quickly as possible.

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