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… standing ONLY for the freedoms that are mandated to you is not.

There is a difference between being virtuous naturally and aligning with a cause you think is virtuous. They are not the same thing. 

You either stand for human rights, or you stand against them. There is no in between. You don’t get to cherry pick the human rights offenses that you stand against.

Truly virtuous people are consistently virtuous in word, thought and action and they respect the freedoms of all humanity; whereas fake virtue is signaling to others that you align with a cause you deem virtuous. One is divine virtue of the soul while the other is righteous “virtue signaling” of the ego. They are very different.

Which one describes you? If you are truly virtuous, you recognize that all of humanity has had their human rights trampled the last 2 years and you stand on behalf of ALL HUMAN FREEDOMS. Those who lack true virtue will stand only behind a cause that the media has hyped and therefore programmed them to stand up for. In taking a stand, the ego feels better about itself because it has aligned with something that appears virtuous — “it says something about me.” But when you come from a place of real virtue, you know that everything you say and do says something about you.

You can’t outsmart the universe. If you cannot see the difference in real virtue; God can. People need to be spending more time asking themselves if they are truly living a virtuous life and less time responding to the control system of the media.

Your divine human blueprint is love and if you are living it, you are compassionate to every human being, in every country, who has been suffering the last 2 years, not just the ones the media wants you to be concerned with. Welcome to the great awakening. Virtue is your test. Can you discern what is real and what is fake virtue? Your moral obligation as a human depends on it.

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