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… but because you do.

We have the wrong idea about forgiveness… we think it’s something we give to others, but really, it’s a gift we give to ourselves. 

When you leave a situation or relationship angry or resentful, you are NOT free. It takes so much energy to harbor anger and resentment and it keeps you trapped there. But when you leave a situation or relationship with love and gratitude, you are free to move forward into your future.

Animosity keeps you trapped. Forgiveness sets you free. Forgiveness isn’t something you give to another; it’s something you give to yourself. Being free of attachment to another is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves.

When relationships end, let them go. Don’t hold onto the pain and hurt. Forgive. Not because they deserve your forgiveness, but because you do. You deserve to be happy and pain free. Forgiveness is one step closer to getting there.

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karma-1… as long as you’re still on it.

If there is negativity between you and someone else, then you are karmically connected to that person whether you want to be or not. Did they harm you, humiliate you or slight you in any way? Are you angry with them or hurt by their actions? If so, you are karmically bound to them until that karma is repaid or worked through somehow.

How do you work through it, you might ask? Working through karma is NEVER about winning or getting even. If you are still feeling the need to do that, you haven’t gotten the lesson yet. Do you really want to be free of this person? Then learn to free yourself from the karmic wheel. Freedom does NOT come from fighting and winning, it comes from FORGIVENESS – forgiving yourself as well as forgiving the other person.

Every negative situation you encounter helps you to be a better person. Once you can understand what you were meant to learn from the experience and how it made you grow into a better person, then you can forgive the situation and eventually forgive the other person thus freeing you from karma’s grip. That is the space where real freedom and healing takes place.

Balancing karma establishes harmony in relationships. You do not have to balance karma by playing the “tit for tat” game. You can rise above that game and jump ahead to your own freedom by forgiving yourself and forgiving the person/situation.

Forgiveness frees you from the karmic wheel. Trying to get even keeps you stuck on it. The wheel of karma will always keep spinning. Ask yourself if you want to be on it?

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