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… does NOT lead to success.

Action born out of inspiration, does.

As humans we try and muscle our way through life. We force actions and we force our agenda onto our own timelines and we wonder why the actions we take do not yield the desired outcomes we seek.

If you do not feel inspired to take an action, don’t take it. Wait on it. Not feeling inspired to take an action is a clear indication that you are not aligned with the action you need to take. Take a time out —  take a reset — go take a nap  — go for a walk in nature — go seek some inspiration. Once you find a bit of inspiration, you will align with your higher guidance and then you will naturally be called to take the exact actions that will yield the desired outcomes you seek. 

It’s an inspiration game. Action alone will not yield success. Action that is born out fear, anxiety, desperation or struggle will be met with much resistance. This is because action can only take you so far in life. It’s a lower dimensional means of manifestation.

When an action comes from a place of passion, excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration, it will energetically charge the action that you are taking and thus yield the positive outcome you seek. 

Vibration trumps action. If the energy behind the action is not igniting the action, it will fall flat. Action born out of struggle never leads to success. If struggle is behind your action, it’s destined to follow in that direction. Never force anything. If you don’t feel inspired, don’t do it. Wait until the moment of inspiration comes. Save your energy — once you’re sufficiently inspired, you can channel that energy into your action and watch the magic unfold.

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