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… they see you for who THEY are.

People come fully equipped with their own filters through which they are able to perceive you. This means they might not be able to see the REAL YOU, they see a version of you through their own lens.

No need to get upset about the version of you that they see. It is irrelevant. If they are not clearly able to see the truth of themselves, they will never be able to honor the truth within you.

You don’t need to be accepted by people who cannot see themselves. All you can do is be yourself. Put your energy into honoring your truth, not trying to change theirs. People don’t see you for who you are, they only see you for WHO THEY ARE. If you’re not aligned with the vibration they hold, they will NEVER see you; and for you, that’s a good thing. Misalignment is your indication that you are moving up the vibrational scale and they are falling away. Thank them for the clarity.

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th… because you’re always on your way somewhere else.

In other words, where you are is always just a stop over to where you want to be. It’s part of the process of exploring who you are.

Finding yourself is a lifelong process – you are on a journey – one step at a time. And during that journey, you never stay anywhere very long. You only stay long enough to learn something new. That is because the nature of life is to change and evolve. So recognize that where you are in your life is NEVER permanent, therefore don’t get caught up in the drama of not being exactly where you want to be. There is always something new waiting around the corner for you.

Life can change on a dime. No sense in beating yourself up for not having everything that you want in this moment. In due time, you’ll have all the experiences that you need to help you find who you are.

Look at it this way, life is like a planned holiday to 5 different European cities. You’ve carefully planned this itinerary (of life) before you were born. Just because you do not like city #1 doesn’t mean you have to shut down and get frustrated because you are not yet at city #4. You can sit back and appreciate city #1 for what it gives you, knowing that you are moving on in the next day or so. Remember that in your life, you will always have more cities to explore. You are never finished exploring cities until you are finished exploring your life.

You are where you are and that’s ok. You are always just passing through and if where you are doesn’t feel good, know that you are on your way to something much bigger and better. You just need to allow yourself to get there. Don’t stay stuck in city #1 feeling bad for yourself. Know that the journey of exploration is ahead of you. Learn what you can from this moment and recognize that you do not have to stay in this place. You want to explore the other 4 cities, don’t you? Just because you are not there yet, doesn’t mean those cities don’t exist. Trust that they are ahead of you and pick yourself up out of the city that you are done with and find the strength to move forward. The rest of your life is ALWAYS ahead of you. On to the next city of your life!

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th-2… is a lifelong journey.

Not a destination.

Who you are takes time to unravel. It doesn’t happen overnight.

There’s nowhere you have to be. You have only to let yourself BE and let yourself walk your own path to finding your life purpose.

You are a sum of your life experiences and those experiences make you who you are and they put you on a path towards defining your purpose in life.

Do you know what you want to do with your life? Do you know what you are here to share with others? Living your life one step at a time and allowing yourself to find those answers organically is what will put you on a path towards personal success NOT forcing yourself into a certain career or job sector. Let yourself breathe and be who you are. Explore ideas and concepts that appeal to you and interest you. The seeds of your life work are always in your interests.

Also, don’t measure yourself against anyone else’s criteria. Live your life. Enjoy your experiences and keep your head up and your eyes ahead – don’t sleep walk your way through your life. Finding yourself is a divine process and one which unravels like the skin of an onion.

Don’t put a time limit on finding yourself. It is a life-long process – a true journey into the heart of your soul. You can’t just be “there,” you have to get to your heart slowly – one step at a time.  Once you find yourself you realize there was never any other place to be.

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