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th… brings it RIGHT TO YOU.

Detaching from it, dissolves it for you.

Which sounds like the path of least resistance?

We have it wrong in our society, we continually FIGHT AGAINST what we DON’T WANT in our lives. But in doing so, we actually feed energy to the very thing we don’t want.

So, if there is something in your life that you do NOT want, do NOT give it any attention at all. Detach from it. Take back your energy and don’t feed energy into your thoughts of resistance, anger, worries or fears of it happening. Just re-focus your thoughts on something else. When you re-focus your thoughts, you put the energy into a different arena and what you are resisting slowly dissipates from your reality.

Thoughts need energy to become real. And you are always in control of whether or not you make any thought real. Take back your power and put your energy ONLY into the thoughts you want to experience in your life. Fighting against something makes sure you get it, detaching from the mere thought of it assures that it will NEVER make its way into your existence. Which way would you prefer to live?

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