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th… is an indication that you are NOT LEARNING.

Therefore you are prohibited from moving forward – kinda like being held back at school.

You would only feel stuck in the space you are in if you hadn’t yet learned what needed to be learned in that phase in order to progress to the next phase. Life builds on itself and lessons build on themselves. With every lesson learned in a life, you move up and you move onto the next phase of your life. But so many of us stay in cycles repeating the same behaviors and expecting a different result while wondering why we are stuck?

Feeling stuck in your life is very purposeful. It is meant to make you feel uncomfortably trapped in your situation so that you will shed the light of consciousness on it and bring about the change it requires to transform. You are not meant to fall into the “stuckness” but to look for answers on how to “get unstuck.” Just remember, if you do not initiate a change yourself, change will never happen.

So ask yourself, why are things not changing? What am I not seeing? What am I not getting? What behaviors and patterns might I be repeating that are keeping me in this frustrating cycle? What might this situation be trying to teach me?

If you are feeling stuck, learn to objectively look at your situation and get the lesson from it and get out so you can truly move on with your life. You are not a victim of your situation – no one is keeping you stuck but you. When you open your eyes and learn to show up differently, you will have a different result and one which will naturally free you from the chains that bind you.

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