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Feeling Fulfilled… it’s keeping you back.

Because it exhausts you to stay in a place where you are NOT being fulfilled. 

It takes energy from you, weakening you and rendering you powerless.

We feed energy to unfulfilling jobs, unfulfilling relationships and unfulfilling situations all the time, never realizing the energetic footprint it has on our lives.

When you feed energy to someone/something, the hope is that it is a smart investment of energy and that it will yield an abundant return, but that is NOT always the case. When the energy invested is not giving back in equal measure, it is depleting you and working against you by keeping you unhappy and powerless to get out of it.

What fulfills you, feeds you. What doesn’t fulfill you depletes you. Where do you want to place your energy? Into something or someone that is sucking the life out of you or into something that has the potential to give back and feed you in return? The choice is always yours.

Own your actions. You control where you put your energetic resources. No one is responsible for draining the life out of you, but you. If it isn’t fulfilling you, it’s keeping you back and keeping you from experiencing your true magnificence. The name of the game is FULFILLMENT and if it isn’t fulfilling you, it’s hurting you. Time to make a move.

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