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… is the best way to find yourself.

When you’re surrounded by others, it’s too easy to get lost in the crowd.

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in social and community groups that can give us a sense of purpose and belonging. But that can be a false sense of identity. True knowledge of self is only found within the confines of one’s own heart and one’s own being. It’s much easier to hide behind the cache of a group, then it is to stand apart from the crowd and be yourself.

You don’t have to have all the answers in life, you have only to stand up within yourself and be open to exploring the unknown. 

When you get still within yourself, answers always come. The feeling of being lost is a gift that opens you up to true vulnerability and within that vulnerability, you can dive deep into the vastness of your own being.

No one wants to feel lost, but if you allow yourself to go deep into the loneliness, you might just find who and what you were searching for all along. The answers you seek are never outside, but always lie within you.

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