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th-3… are the SAME PERSON.

They just respond to the same stimuli differently.

Heroes take charge of their lives and cowards let their lives run them over.

Heroes identify their fears and their areas of weakness and work through them each and every day. Cowards ignore their fears. They use their ego to falsely pretend they don’t exist.

Heroes believe in themselves because they are in touch with their vulnerabilities. They understand themselves and they know how to turn those vulnerabilities into real strengths. Cowards are insecure because they deny EVER being vulnerable.

Heroes put themselves in positions where they are challenged to work out their issues and fears. Cowards run from such situations. They feel they are too hard and require too much work and they innately know that they are not ready to do that work, so they hide.

Heroes look for opportunities to grow – NOT just on the outside by “trying to learn new things” but by looking INSIDE themselves and identifying areas of growth. Heroes look in the mirror and if they do not like the reflection staring back at them, they do something about it. Cowards on the other hand, don’t allow themselves to look in the mirror. The pain of not liking what they see is too great, so they pretend it is not there, they cover it up and mask it with overcompensation of ego.

Heroes seek constructive criticism because they want to cover all bases and want to make sure there is nothing they are missing. Cowards fight back when any form of criticism is issued. Surely it could never be theirs.

Heroes are modest and they genuinely make the world a better place both for themselves and for the world at large. Cowards talk a good game and try and make it “seem as if they are making a difference” but in reality, they are just indulging their egos.

Are you a hero or coward? How do you show up in your life? How do you face situations that challenge you? Do your face your fears or do you run and hide? Remember heroes and cowards are the SAME PERSON – they just respond to the same stimuli differently. Who are you?

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