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Seasons of our life… and then that season is gone.

The seasons of our lives come and go – and that is a good thing.

People come into our lives and then leave. Jobs come into our lives and then leave. Opportunities come into our lives and then leave. Nothing is meant to stay in your life forever. Nothing.

As the seasons change, so do our lives. It is a natural process in our soul’s evolution. You cannot hold onto a season of your life when it is ready to leave your hands. Just like the trees cannot hold onto their late autumn leaves when it is time for them to wither and fall off. When one phase of your life is complete, it is time to enter a new phase and so those old leaves are replaced with new growth in the springtime. It doesn’t behoove you to hold onto the dying leaves, those leaves will not take you into the next season of your life. Those leaves represent an ending and holding onto endings will always leave you feeling stuck, stagnant and as if you are being held back in your life.

Give up those old leaves and give them over to the new growth in your life. Don’t let fear keep you back from completing a cycle in your life. The seasons of our lives are natural cycles that are meant to keep us moving forward in our experiences and our life lessons. Any attempt to fight the natural seasons of our lives will only cause pain and frustration.

Trust the seasons of your life to give you the closure you need to move into a new cycle for yourself. You can’t fight the seasons. They will come whether you or ready for them or not. Learn to trust the seasons of your life to bring you to exactly the next experience you need in your own evolution. After all, nothing is meant to stay the same. Everything is meant to change and you are meant to easily adapt to each new season of your life. After all, your future is ahead of you, never behind you.

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