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keep-your-head-up-warm-gray… and learn to let your hair down.

Life is like that. It is all about balance. Yes, we have to be awake and alert to see the signs but we must remember how to have fun along the way. These two must work together at all times. But unfortunately they rarely ever do.

We tend to take ourselves too seriously and make things more grave than they need to be. We are overworked, over-structured and over-scheduled. We put focus on the day-to-day dramas instead of looking for ways to lighten our load. Remember what we perceive becomes our reality.

If you put your emphasis on “working hard to make a living”, you will NOT succeed in creating a happier life, but you will succeed in “creating hardship in your work efforts.” It’s as simple as that. The universe understands “working hard” and so will bring you many more scenarios where you will need to work harder than you are now.

Now that does not mean that you should not use your passion and your drive to succeed, it merely means to balance out your efforts by making your work more enjoyable and breathing more space into those moments so you are not so rushed and frenzied.

Learn to let your hair down. That project will still be there in the morning. Close the laptop and go out for a drink with friends. Enjoy this life you have created for yourself. We only end up imprisoning ourselves by the one thing we think is going to give us the happiness we need. Pushing and pushing for more never works. Find the balance in your work and life. Success in life comes from self-joy; it doesn’t come from working 24/7 at a desk – no matter what you do and what you tell yourself about how much you love it. Life is about balance and the universe understands when an imbalance is at play. If you are not creating space for real joy; it will never come to you. 

Life is to be lived and keeping your head up to make sure you move forward is important, but learning to let your hair down and not take everything so seriously is the key to true success and happiness. It doesn’t matter what happens to you, the sun will always come out again, but it’s up to you as to whether or not you will make time to go out and enjoy it.

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