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th… needs from others.

Being emotionally independent needs ONLY from oneself.

If you continually need someone to do/say something in order for you to feel validated and secure, then you’re emotionally needy. Needing others in order to feel fulfilled within yourself is a losing strategy.

Others are NOT YOU. Others come and go into your life and their opinions are subjective. So to base your identity on the whim of outside opinion denies you of your ability to define yourself. If your own validation is contingent on someone/something outside of you, then it’s NOT YOURS.

When you need someone to do/say something to make you feel better about yourself, you’re GIVING YOUR POWER OVER TO THEM. When you give your power over to others to dictate how you feel, you lose your yourself.

Needing something outside of you tells you that YOU DO NOT HAVE IT.

Needing someone outside of you tells you that YOU ARE NOT IT.

No one has something that you do not already have. You have all you need inside yourself. Remember, no one has control over your life unless you give it to them. Once you give your control over to others, your happiness and identity is in their hands and your emotions are at their mercy.

Your power is yours. Your only consistency is within yourself. Don’t be emotionally needy. Take back control over your life and learn how to be emotionally independent within yourself. No more needing, it’s your life, you do not need anyone else to help you define any of it. Now, it’s just time to live it.

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