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a healthy ego… and NOTHING to prove.

So if you have something to prove, you may want to check-in with your ego.

Healthy egos create healthy humans. But in our fast paced society of competition and status, sometimes our egos default to the power outside of us rather than highlighting the power within us.  Our egos can become misguided and singularly focused on some notion of external power. But real power has nothing to prove. It just is. If your ego is healthy, you have NO NEED to wield your power over others, you are happy to use that power in support of others’ development. But when your ego is unhealthy, it needs to use it’s power outside of itself to control and manipulate everyone around you in order to feel safe and/or important, valued and validated.

How healthy is your ego? Where is your power center? Inside or outside? When you learn that a healthy ego is inwardly directed, you realize that you have it all within yourself. If people do not see how fabulous you are, it isn’t your job to prove it to them. It is only your job to prove it to yourself. So always put that external energy back into yourself and in time, everyone will see that you are “the REAL DEAL,” not only because you have everything to offer, but because you truly have absolutely no need to prove it to anyone. A healthy ego validates itself; it never needs validation from outside.

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