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… run to it.

NOT away from it.

Fear is a cloaked opportunity for growth.

If you are frightened of it, it has power over you. If you stand up to it, you’ll be free.

Fear is a control issue. If you fear something, you feel out of control of it. The lesson is to learn how to empower yourself. 

We always fear what we don’t understand. When you feel fear over something, empower yourself to learn more about it, get more involved, do more research to understand it. Find out more about it, so you can feel more in control of it.

What you fear controls you, what you stand up to falls away. Know your enemy, understand their motives or at least learn what they are. Knowledge is power — it’s the difference between ignorance and wisdom.

The more you know, the less you fear. If something scares you, have at it, dive into it and learn more about it. Don’t run from those fears, they’ll only get bigger. In time you’ll realize that the boogie man doesn’t really exist, he’s just stopping you from sleeping.

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