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… run towards it.

It has something for you. If it triggers you, it teaches you. 

But in our world, we are conditioned to run from fear rather than embrace it.

Buying into the fear, buries you. Facing the fear, transforms you.

If you resist what you fear, it will forever haunt you. But if you face it, you can begin to bring light to it and transform it. Don’t fear the darkness, the unknown brings opportunity.

If the caterpillar got lost in the darkness of the cocoon and gave up the fight, he would never give birth to the beauty of his wings.

Don’t stay stuck in a pattern of fear, you’ll never emerge into the light and without the light, there can no clarity.

Don’t run from what you fear, run towards it. If you fear it, it’s important for your growth, so have at it. If you keep running from it, it’ll come back with a vengeance and take you out. So face your fear head on, tell it to give you its best shot and in doing so, you’ll stand up to it and learn the lesson from it. Fear has no control over you unless you give it.

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