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KYBr7713726… they NEVER lead.

We spend a good portion of our lives giving away our power to others. We don’t always make up our own minds, we allow them to be swayed by other’s viewpoints. Sometimes it’s much easier to adopt a given school of thought then it is to apply your own intelligence to a situation. But every time you do that, you disempower yourself and lose a part of your identity.

Your work in this life is to live YOUR life. No one else’s. But if you are waiting to see what everyone else is doing or saying then you are not leading your life. You are leading someone else’s.

You are an individual and you were never meant to recede into the background as just part of the crowd, you were ALWAYS meant to stand out. Why are you hiding behind other’s approvals or judgments?

The beauty is in being YOU. Not in being part of a group. Step aside from the group and shine your light. Your uniqueness is what makes you who you are. Why would you ever hide from that?

When you live your own life and make your own choices and decide NOT to follow the crowd, your life soars in amazing ways. The universe is waiting to see whether you are ready to take responsibility for your life and truly own it or if you prefer to sit it out in the passenger seat. The rewards only come by being YOU, not by sitting it out and watching the world go by.

Leaders make a difference in the world. Followers are just along for the ride. Which one do you want to be?

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