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jealously_post_1333364868… makes sure you NEVER get what they have.

People are only jealous and envious of others when they themselves are not living up to their OWN potential.

Instead of being inspired and driven to achieve what others have, there is a tendency to become resentful that we do not yet have it in our hands at that moment. The result is that we generate a high degree of low vibrational energy (resentment, jealousy and envy) which creates a wall and separates us from ever achieving it. That wall of negativity puts you on lock down so you are unable to attract anything positive into your life. It keeps you from your own happiness.

Envy and jealousy are a cop out. You can have whatever you want in life. Everything is available to you if you open up to source and allow it to come to you. Nobody gets anything that you cannot have. It’s up to you to set out to get it.

You are not being punished. Nothing is being witheld from you. If you desire it in your life, get up and do something about it. Make change in your life so you can bring about the opportunities or the materiality that you so desire.

Life is about choices – everyday. Where you put your energy determines your next experience. Are you going to give your energy over to other people whom you are jealous/envious of OR are you going to allow yourself to use them as inspiration to bring about everything that your heart desires?

The choice is always yours. Blowing out other people’s candles will never make yours burn brighter. Wish them well and allow them to insipre you to make the change necessary to make your own dreams come true. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and jealously mock the winning team; get out there and make sure you score your own goals.

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