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Life is too short to NOT love what you do. Period.

But we do it anyway. We plug away unhappily doing things day-in and day-out. We sit at our desks idly pushing paper and responding to emails. We work hard to clear off our desk but not as hard at asking ourselves if we actually enjoy the life we have created for ourselves. We keep plugging away at our unhappiness and telling ourselves that “one day it will be better.” Newsflash… it never gets better until you do something about it. If you stay contented in the position you have put yourself in, then that is what you continue to receive. In essence, you are telling the universe, “oh, don’t worry about me, I do not need change. I am content here. All is good.”

Life is meant to be LIVED. Truly lived and experienced and ENJOYED. There is no waiting for one day to magically appear. There is no waiting to live. The living is now. Why waste precious moments doing anything that you do not love? Why not find what you love and focus on that? Why tell yourself that you can’t do that and make up a whole host of reasons why you are not qualified?

Life is in the living. It happens every day in every moment. While you are sitting back waiting to be happy, remember right now IS your life. If you are not happy in the now, CHANGE THINGS. Don’t wait for a magic miracle in the future. The miracle is happening now.

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