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… is in learning to get up faster.

We are all continually on a path of strength training and agility training because the fall is inevitable. It’s an integral part of how we humans learn and become better.

The secret to mastering the art of the fall, is to become highly agile and flexible so that when we do fall, we can move through the impact much more quickly and it doesn’t take us out.

In other words…

The harder you are on yourself, the harder it will be to come back from the fall.

The easier you can be on yourself, the more easefully you will come back from the fall.

Punishing or blaming yourself for your mistakes hardens you and locks you into a no-win position; whereas identifying the mistakes and using them as a benchmark for progress opens you up to mastery.

Learn to roll with the punches. If you are too rigid, those punches will knock you out. But if you’re able to ease up on your ego to get the lesson and get out, your agility/humility will catapult you forward.

No one likes to fall, but when you do so, learn to get up faster. Move through the curriculum of life’s lessons and stand strong so no one and nothing can ever push you over again.

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