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11524-It-s-Always-Darkest-Before-Dawn… that is how you know a new day is coming.

Just when you think you cannot bare anymore darkness, life shifts. It has to. Nothing ever stays the same. Life is in constant fluctuation and change.

The ending of a phase of life heralds in the dawn of a new day. It is important to remember the nature of life’s cycles. Darkness is the phase where one simply cannot see and Light is the phase where answers can be readily found.

When you are in a period of darkness, it can only last so long.  It is NEVER forever. Once it hits its darkest point, the light must return. Vice versa, once the light has shown us the way, it is time for the darkness to return in order for us to learn something new about ourselves. The darkness brings opportunity for growth. It brings us situations and people that challenge us and force us to look beyond our limitations for answers.

The light is our reward for finding our way through the darkness. The darkness shapes your character and is one of your greatest teachers.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Find new ways of moving through the darkness and keep your head up because you know once you hit the darkest point, the sun has to return, it can be no other way. In the interim, don’t just wait for the sun to come out; learn how to navigate your way through the darkness. Managing the darkness will make you much happier and much more adept at enjoying the light of your life.


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