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th-3… takes real COURAGE.

And only a small few have it.

In essence, being vulnerable is the key to your PERSONAL POWER.

Ironic… right?

Our society is obsessed with “being strong” and overcoming fears and inadequacies by overcompensating with ego. But that isn’t real courage. It’s fake. It’s a false sense of identity.

Hiding behind your ego is inauthentic to who you really are. It’s just a wall or facade that you put up for others to see while you cowardly hide behind it, with the intention of hiding all your insecurities, fears and failures.

But here’s the deal… real courage comes from inside – it is an inner strength and it’s dervived from your ability to be authentic to yourself, to be real, to acknowledge your weaknesses and recognizing that through them, your greatest strengths lie.

The ability to admit your faults, your fears, your inadequacies is what makes you truly courageous. In a world of cowards, those who can look in the mirror and own who they are, are the ones who will grow to address those faults, fears and inadequacies. Through this process, real growth and personal transformation occurs. Without this process, we become a slave to the ego and never heal our pain. We continue to mask our pain and push it down until it destroys us.

You don’t become courageous by being a coward and hiding your vulnerabilities from the world. Courage must be earned by fearlessly confronting your demons and being strong enough within yourself to wraggle them to the ground.

It is easy to sit by and pretend you do not have issues and hide them behind a thick, fancy, shiny patina. But really the question is… can you be vulnerable? Can you go deep within yourself and ask yourself who you really are and be able to unearth the negative patterns you have been unconsciously playing out? It’s only through that deep difficult work that one truly earns the title of true courage. It’s the ultimate bravery. Ignorance might be bliss…but it is NEVER courage. Being vulnerable is the only real courage.

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