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go-be-seen… is the only way to be seen.

It is very important for the people in your life to see you for who you are, not who they think you should be. They do not need to agree with everything you do and say, but they must appreciate the core of who you are.

In a relationship, if you are not seen for who you are, you will never be whole. If you are contented with being seen as someone else’s version of who you are, you will always feel empty and less than who you are.

If who you are doesn’t work for someone, you let them walk away. End of story. No pretending, no charade, no negotiation.

In order to be seen for who you are, you first need to see yourself. You need to know your beauty, your gifts, your value and your worth. Once you can see yourself, you can allow others to see you. If you are still hiding behind other’s perceptions of you, you have a long way to go.

When you are ready to be seen for the beautiful person you are, you show your true colors to the world. And when you can show your true colors to the world, you attract those people who will most admire those colors in you. Are you ready to be seen or are you still hiding behind other perceptions of you? Other’s perceptions come and go, you are the one left standing. Whose perception is it going to be?

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