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… to WHAT’S RIGHT for you.

And it pulls you away from WHAT’S NOT.

The way to know whether something is working for you or not is to take a break from it. 

Sometimes we are too close to what’s right in front of us to be able to see it objectively. Space gives you the opportunity to see more clearly.

When you take a time out, it gives you time to check back in with yourself and re-evaluate the situation to see whether or not it is supportive of your needs. If you’re too close to something, you’ll never see it clearly.

Distance is the greater arbiter of justice. If a relationship is healthy, space makes the heart grow fonder. If it’s unhealthy, it’ll destroy it. 

There is a process to your life. Learn to trust it. Don’t waste your time forcing a decision. Take some space from it. If it’s right for you, the distance will bring you closer. If it’s not, the distance will rip it away from you — and that is always a process you can trust.

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