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historyrepeatsitself… until you CHANGE it.

How else would it stop?

History happens over and over again until you LEARN THE LESSON FROM THE PAST and use it to REDEFINE A BETTER FUTURE.

But how many of us know that?

How many of us realize that history ONLY repeats to give you ANOTHER CHANCE to make a DIFFERENT DECISION.

Instead of lamenting history repeating, wouldn’t it be better to learn the lesson from it’s past and move forward in a new way?

If you want a different result, you have to do something differently. Until then, history will continue to repeat itself in hopes to give you all the new chances you need to make any/all different decisions. Create a new future for yourself, show up differently when history repeats, and you’ll find that your life changes in the most amazing ways. What are you waiting for? Ready to change your history? Whenever you are, a new story is ready to begin.

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if something is happening to you over and over again, it’s a pattern that’s meant to be worked through differently NOT repeated.







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