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… generates very different outcomes.

Fear and uncertainty are very different emotions and therefore create very different realities. Fear and uncertainty both represent a future that is unknown, but they will create very different futures based on their vibrational feedback.

Fear recognizes that the future is unknown yet anticipates the worst possible scenario and then stands back and activates it. 

Uncertainty also recognizes that the future is unknown yet holds the possibility that it might still yield a positive outcome. 

Uncertainty offers options for growth while fear assumes the worst. 

It’s ok to be cautious of the unknown, but it is never ok to fear it. Fear gives you no options — it’s  a death sentence. Recognize that the future is unknown but DON’T LABEL IT as fear; REDEFINE IT as uncertainty. 

Fear guarantees that that which you fear will ultimately reappear in your life. Uncertainty helps talk you off the ledge and encourages you to see the potential for positive outcomes.

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images… but you were always meant to soar.

Fear is a powerful emotion that comes on to protect you from a perceived harm. Fear keeps you “safely” out of situations and keeps you in your nest. But you do not grow in your nest. You only grow from learning what it feels like to fall out of your nest and learn to take flight on your own. You expand your horizons and go to new places and create new nests – this the game of life.

It is important to keep tabs on fear or it has the ability to take over our lives. Often times, fear manifests as anxiety and panic attacks. When you feel anxiety and panic, it’s the body’s way of trying to protect you from a situation or a person you deem harmful. Fear is also your indicator that you are dealing with a life lesson. Anxiety and panic are nothing more than a trigger for you to realize that the discomfort you are feeling is because you are dancing face to face with one of your life lessons – and that is NEVER easy. Here is where the work begins.

Fear would have you run from your life lesson and never learn it – maybe take a pill to quiet the trigger and numb the reminder that you have work to do. You can only do that for so long, your lessons always come back with a vengeance. The work is in recognizing where your patterns are and shedding light on them. Once you realize where the anxiety is coming from, you can begin to heal the experience and apply wisdom to help you move forward in your life.

The answer is always to move through the fear so you can transform it. If you find yourself avoiding situations so to not experience the discomfort of fear, then you are hiding in your nest. You can spend a lifetime in your nest. Ask yourself if you really want to do that? When there is a whole world out there for you to see and you have a beautiful set of wings, it might be time to spread them and take flight. Taking flight is the only thing that will transform your fear.

Time to leap out of that nest. If you allow yourself to stay there, fear will certainly clip your wings and you will never learn to fly. What options do you really have?

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