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… requires a mid-course correction.

A mid-life crisis can happen at any age, but the wisdom here is that the secret to healing it, is in the way we define it.

Life naturally has its ups and downs, and life is constantly asking you to define who you are in relationship to it. You’re never in a crisis, you’re only ever at a crossroads. You’re always being given a chance to PIVOT yourself away from what is not working and towards something that will.

Don’t fall into the drama of the crisis. Recognize that it reflects a crossroads for you. You get to evaluate your position and choose your next step. You are never stuck and you are never a victim of your circumstances. If you are unhappy where you are, make a move. Recognize that you’re always in control of your life; your life is NEVER in control of you.

You’re not having a midlife crisis, you just need to make a midcourse correction. Crossroads are always there to give you the opportunity to trade up. Are you ready for something new? The universe is waiting to give it to you.

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