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… doesn’t keep you safe.

It only provides you with a false sense of security.

It’s much easier for us to play in the superficial realm of life and never go deeper. We skim the surface of our consciousness and get stuck in the matrix playing out materiality and confusing it with progress.

Prioritizing material possessions as a symbol of success only keeps the true rewards of a “life well-lived” hidden from sight. The fact is that we are here to grow and evolve our souls, not get sucked into the vortex of materiality. The focus on material possessions as a means of seeking fulfillment only keeps us bound and trapped in lower karmic programming. It makes us a slave to our possessions. It doesn’t represent a true sense of abundance, which only comes from within, never outside you.

The truth is the deeper you go in your evolution, the darker it can get. Sometimes it’s hard to see the bottom. It doesn’t mean you’re going to drown; it only means there are shadows lurking beneath you that may need to be brought to the surface before you can get to the next level. Most people fear those depths. They fear going into that darkness because it’s painful to transmute. They prefer to stay in the shallow end where they feel safer. But the shallow end doesn’t keep you safe. It only makes the deep-end scarier.

At one point in our lives, we find ourself adrift in the deep-end without a raft. But once we are there and we have brought up to the surface our shadows, we find a serenity in the deep-end that we never knew possible. Fulfillment lies in the deep-end of life. Living in the shallow never gets you to the depths of yourself. You have to be willing to lose everything in order to gain more than you could have ever imagined. It’s called the dark night of the soul. That is the secret to personal fulfillment; it’s lies in the deep-end. How deep are you willing to go to find yourself?

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… does NOT lead to success.

Action born out of inspiration, does.

As humans we try and muscle our way through life. We force actions and we force our agenda onto our own timelines and we wonder why the actions we take do not yield the desired outcomes we seek.

If you do not feel inspired to take an action, don’t take it. Wait on it. Not feeling inspired to take an action is a clear indication that you are not aligned with the action you need to take. Take a time out —  take a reset — go take a nap  — go for a walk in nature — go seek some inspiration. Once you find a bit of inspiration, you will align with your higher guidance and then you will naturally be called to take the exact actions that will yield the desired outcomes you seek. 

It’s an inspiration game. Action alone will not yield success. Action that is born out fear, anxiety, desperation or struggle will be met with much resistance. This is because action can only take you so far in life. It’s a lower dimensional means of manifestation.

When an action comes from a place of passion, excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration, it will energetically charge the action that you are taking and thus yield the positive outcome you seek. 

Vibration trumps action. If the energy behind the action is not igniting the action, it will fall flat. Action born out of struggle never leads to success. If struggle is behind your action, it’s destined to follow in that direction. Never force anything. If you don’t feel inspired, don’t do it. Wait until the moment of inspiration comes. Save your energy — once you’re sufficiently inspired, you can channel that energy into your action and watch the magic unfold.

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