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Dancing With Your Demons

… is easier than trying to lasso them to the ground.

It just is.

Think about it… when your demons come up (and they always do), it’s much harder to suppress them then it is to face them and renegotiate with them.

It takes so much emotional and physical strength to wrestle your demons back down when you see them come up. Then you have to be careful where you tread because you will naturally run into situations and people who trigger those demons. It’s exhausting to try and hypercontrol your life so to avoid awakening your demons. Better to face them when they come up and renegotiate a better plan for them.

When you address your demons straight on, you can learn from them, grow from them and transform them once and for all. No one says it will be easy, but it is the healthiest way to deal with those demons.

Don’t let your demons destroy you; they are very purposeful. They allow you to acknowledge the darkness, for it is only through your darkness that you can transform yourself into the light.

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