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… but not mandatory, for growth.

The only constant we have in life is change. We are only here to grow through experiences and to learn who we really are which is aspects of the creator (God).

The nature of reality is change. As long as we are alive on this planet, our lives need to continually expand and evolve and transformation is a critical part of that growth.

Everyone wants to be transformed, but not everyone wants to do the work to transform an aspect of their life. Most prefer to stay stuck and stagnant in a situation that has outlived it’s purpose.

There are 2 ways in which as humans, we can transform. We can transform in a “good” way or a “bad” way. Good and bad are just human labels to describe a process of transformation; they are not realities.

The fact is that we are always in control of how we grow. In the “good” way, we can get out ahead of the curve and recognize that we are feeling stuck/stagnant in our lives and push ourselves outside our comfort zone to make some sort of change.

But many of us tend to evolve and transform in a “bad” way which is awaiting the universe to come from behind us and push us outside our comfort zone via a crisis which undoubtedly pushes us towards transformation. 

Either way, you will transform — either on your timeline or the universe’s. Crisis are critical, but not mandatory. How do you choose to evolve?

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