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… because it EVOLVES each and every day.

And that’s a good thing.

Because you’re NEVER DONE and you can NEVER GET IT WRONG. 

There is nowhere you have to be in life but RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Every day is a step FORWARD along your path. Every day is another opportunity to recreate yourself anew. You are always a work in progress, NEVER the finished product.

And you wouldn’t want to be a finished product, because if you stop growing, evolving and changing, you become stuck, stagnant and irrelevant to yourself and others. Being a work in progress keeps you fresh, excited, stimulated and dynamic. Sure it might be scary, but it will deepen your experience of life. It keeps you on your toes, exploring yourself and growing/expanding in new ways every day.

Be a work in progress because uncertainty breeds creativity and expansion whereas certainty will stifle curiousity and KILL creativity and expansion. After all, if you think you have all the answers, you naturally stop seeking. And when you stop seeking, you stop living.

Don’t accept the status quo.

Don’t accept habit.

Don’t accept routine.

Be extraordinary. Be content with not having all the answers, BE A WORK IN PROGRESS, it’s the only place where real expansion and real happiness lie.

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