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… gives you a new view.

How you look at things is how they will show up for you. So, if you want to see something differently, shift your perspective of it.

You get what you focus on and so if what you’re focusing on is making you uncomfortable or unhappy, you’ll only foster more of it by focusing your attention onto it. If you want to see something different, refocus your perception of it in order to see it differently.

In other words, you’ll never get to what makes you happy by focusing on what doesn’t, because by focusing on it, you attract more of it.

You can’t change the things you’re looking at, but you can absolutely change the WAY you’re looking at them and that will change everything for you. Take your focus off what is upsetting you and put it onto something that feels better. Focus on the good and you’ll get more of it, focus on the bad and it’ll take over.

You get what you think about whether you want it or not. You cannot control others but you can absolutely control the way they affect you.

Do you want clarity? Don’t just accept the view you’re handed, learn to refocus your lens so you can always see things clearer.

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