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is about controlling your thoughts, NOT your actions.

Those of us who want to feel in control usually default to controlling our actions in the hopes of controlling an outcome. But there’s a better way to get the outcome you desire…

Start at the beginning — learn to control your thoughts FIRST because your thoughts create your perceptions and your perceptions create your reality.

Nothing will manifest through action if it’s not supported by a thought that’s aligned with it. In other words, if you think one thing but try and use action to create something else, it’ll never work. For example, have you ever tried to succeed in a business venture, yet didn’t believe in yourself that you could succeed? That’s a perfect example.

If your action doesn’t support what you think about it, it’ll never happen. There’s no amount of action that will overcome your thought about the situation. It doesn’t matter what you do, what matters is what you think about it.

Don’t fight yourself — if you want to control something, control something that’ll make a difference in your life. Don’t waste your time trying to control something physically through your actions and yet undue yourself mentally through your thoughts.

Do you want to be in control of your life? Learn to control the right things. Control your thoughts and it’ll control everything else.

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