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chart-9… make EVERYTHING complicated.

The energy you put out into the world is the exact energy you get back. So why not try and make things easier on yourself?

Complicated people make things difficult for themselves because of the way they show up in life. When you learn how to relax into stressful situations, you moderate the outcomes. Things get easier when you choose the simpler path. Most of us do not know how to do this because we think more is better. More is never better, it is just more. And if anything, it makes things more complicated and sets an energetic pattern of resistance into play for you.

Here’s a tip: there is no need to over-think situations and no need to over-plan situations. The most successful solutions are ALWAYS the SIMPLEST.

Remember complicated people create complicated relationships and complicated situations. Their lives become complicated by their own hand. Recognize that you are in control and if you want things to be less stressful and more relaxed, learn to streamline.

Simplifying calms and soothes your experience. Complications create disharmony and chaos.

Your life is up to you. You have a choice everyday as to how you are going to show up. Are you going to stress yourself out by trying to do everything at once or are you going to pare back and take the path that optimizes your resources and time? Learn to streamline your life and everything will be less complicated.


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