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… determines how you move forward.

In life, the way you leave relationships and situations determines the lasting influence they will have over you.

Do you walk away angry or resentful? If so, you’re still attached to that person/situation; you’re not emotionally free. Harboring negative emotions keeps you bound to the very person/situation you are trying to escape.

Do you leave with understanding and compassion? If so, you are beginning to cultivate a degree of detachment from the scenario that has you bound.

It’s all about how you let go. If you let go with negative emotions, those emotions keep you stuck reliving the drama and keeping the pain alive — it keeps reminding you that there’s no resolution.

If you can start looking at the constructive reasons for letting go and the ways it benefits you, you’ll be released from the clutches of attachment and begin to free yourself from the pain of the past.

How you leave things determines how you move forward… Don’t hold onto the pain of the past, you will only carry it with you. Learn to let go with love and that love will transform every new encounter you have.

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